Aadhaar Solutions
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AADHAAR Authentication Solution

The purpose of ID Verification (AADHAAR Authentication) is to enable AADHAAR-holders to prove their identity digitally and online, and for service providers to confirm the resident’s identity claim in order to supply services and give access to benefits.


  • Provides  self-help  facilities  through  self-service  kiosks, mobile  phones  and  call centers
  • Return response to requesting agencies as Yes / No
  • Supports wide range of STQC certified Biometric scanners


Key Features

  • Efficiency & Transparency in Service Delivery
  • Authenticate against resident’s data in UIDAI’s CIDR
  • Supports Data Encryption and public key cryptography standards—ANXI X3.92 and ANSI X9.42

e-KYC & Central KYC Registry Solution

AADHAAR e-KYC is a service offered under AADHAAR project by UIDAI department of Government of India. Under this service organizations can establish the positive Identity of their customers by validating their Name, Address and other information against their Biometric Identity with AADHAAR data center.



  • Paperless, electronic, low-cost e-KYC enables access & financial inclusion
  • The ID document is on person and thus there is no need to carry documents/Cards
  • Data transfer secured through encryption and digital signature

Key Features

  • Secure connectivity through UIDAI using KSA / KUA
  • Complete compliance to KYC regulations
  • Eliminates document forgery due to real time validation

Central KYC Registry

  • First KYC to be your last one for financial products
  • No repeat KYC needed with every financial intermediary
  • KYC can be updated with any one intermediary

e-Sign Solution

e-Sign stands for electronic signature. It is a paperless mode of signing documents online. A new and innovative electronic signature service (e-Sign) which can facilitate an Aadhaar holder to digitally sign a document within seconds from anywhere and anytime.


  • Save cost and time
  • Easily apply Digital Signature
  • Work from almost anywhere in the world


Key Features

  • Flexible and easy to implement
  • Safe, Secure & Reliable
  • The IT Act, 2000, authenticates the use of Aadhaar-based e-Sign as a valid signature.

Micro-ATM Payments (AEPS) Solution

Micro-ATM Payments (AEPS) Solution is a new payment service offered by the National Payments Corporation of India to banks, financial institutions using ‘AADHAAR’. AEPS is an Inter-operable system along with Network of BCs and micro-ATM allows beneficiaries to receive money at doorstep which brings efficiency in public expenditure.


  • Provides Last mile Banking support Beneficiary can receive money at doorstep as well as other banking transactions
  • Banks do not need to invest in enabling capture of biometrics
  • Supports Cash Withdrawal, Cash Deposit, AADHAAR to AADHAAR Funds Transfer and Balance Enquiry over Interoperable system so customer is not tied to one bank’s BC

Key Features

  • Interface with leading CBS systems
  • Full compliance with NPCI AEPS Specifications and ISO 8583
  • Detect AML related validations for Funds Transfer transaction

Benefit / Subsidy Transfer Solution

Benefit / Subsidy Transfer (APBS) Solution, one of the unique payment systems implemented by NPCI, uses AADHAAR number as a central key for electronically channelizing the Government benefits and subsidies in the AADHAAR Enabled Bank Accounts (AEBA) of the intended beneficiaries.


  • Increased low cost fund flow for banks
  • Removes fakes/ duplicates from the beneficiaries list leading to savings
  • Bank account changes do not affect the transfer systems for various schemes customer is not tied to one bank’s BC

Key Features

  • Supports multiple credit transaction file formats
  • SMS confirmation to beneficiaries
  • Host to Host Solution with automated decryption and encryption of data files

UPI (Mobile Payments) Solution

UPI (Unified Payment Interface) solution provides a payments architecture that is directly linked to achieving the RBI goals of universal electronic payments, a less cash society, and financial inclusion, using the latest technology trends and standard APIs to facilitate the next generation online immediate payments leveraging increasing Smartphone adoption and universal access to Internet and data.


  • Ability to send and receive money from mobile phones
  • Mobile phones as primary payment device in conjunction with other 3rd party authentication
  • Allows for traceability through the entire transaction chain

Key Features

  • Ability to pre-authorize multiple recurring payments similar to ECS
  • Support Person to Person (P2P), Person to Entity and Business to Business (B2B) Payments