CHENNAI: Getting an Aadhaar number, the single ID for all bank, telephone, government and welfare needs, was the start of Adyar resident C Namahchivayam’s problems.

It took him a fortnight of visits to two offices of his mobile network operator and three Aadhaar centres to link the mobile numbers of his family members with their Aadhaar numbers.

“My case was about linking Aadhaar to mobile numbers, others wanting fresh enrollment and correction of details go through worse,” said Namahchivayam.

The introduction of token systems, to manage crowds at Aadhaar enrollment centres, has made the situation worse for applicants. The system requires applicants to visit the centre at 9am to collect a token, the issue of which is limited to 100 or less per day.

Misinformation, lack of adequate staff, missing amenities such as drinking water and toilets, are some of the problems at the 62 Aadhaar centres across the city.

“There are people who queue up from 7am,” an applicant awaiting his turn said.

“Elderly and disabled people face twice the harassment.This is a pathetic situation.How can one centre cater the needs of such a large area like Adyar,” asked Namahchivayam.

When questioned regarding the reason to limit the number of applicants, an employee at the centre on L B Road said, “We don’t issue tokens after 11am. We have been asked to follow the token system to control the crowds visiting the centres.”

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